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About the company

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DEDAL has been doing business in the TSL field (transport-shipping-logistics) and rendering international road transportation services since 1994. The Company’s actions are performed under the reserved DEDAL trademark. Over the years of providing transportation services, the company has specialized in transport of products for the automotive and construction sectors. It renders its services within 31 European countries (including Poland).

International transport

The main business of the Company concerns international transportation and consists mainly in transport between Poland and other European countries. Currently, our company has 90 vehicles in our own fleet, carrying capacity 24 tons, and 60 additional ones in partners’ fleets, carrying capacity from 1.5 to 24 tons.

Domestic transport

Service for regular clients, the company additionally renders transportation services within Poland. This activity constitutes a very small percentage within the structure of the Company’s business.

Our advantages

years in the TSL market
vehicles in the fleet
transports per month
kilometres per month

The history of Dedal started in 1994. The transportation of goods began with two Renault units. Over subsequent years of activity, the company emphasized dynamics and modern management. A considerable contribution to the company’s development and its robust foundations were funds obtained from the European Union as a part of regional operating programs.


The success of the company is abiding by certain principles, conscientiousness, consistency in action and unmeasurable determination, however it is mainly all people who want to develop together with the organization and devote their knowledge and energy to it who directly contribute to this success.  Today, our company is a team of over 120 people whose presence defines our development. These people are a group of various talents, elements of force and energy to conquer subsequent stages of our future. Currently, the company has 90 Volvo and Mercedes truck units.  In 2015, new headquarters were commissioned – an office complex with service and warehousing areas.


Today, our dream is for Dedal to exist always, effectively adapting to the needs of the TSL market, for it to be appreciated for its contribution by the Polish and foreign partners who have been ordering transport from us for years.


The year 2025 will be the time when advanced technology will enter the transport world.
A courageous vision of the future transport market implies flexibility and automation.
It can be said that the transport industry stands on the threshold of an autonomous truck era.
The first step towards vehicle autonomy will be PLATOONING, i.e. connected convoys. This courageous vision and efforts of manufacturers must, however be reflected in the strict legal framework. So, there is still much to do…

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