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TIR service

TIR service






Comprehensive inspections of trucks, semi-trailers, delivery vehicles and cars.

  • replacing oils: motor, gearbox, oils, bridges
  • replacing filters
  • replacing consumable liquids
  • repairing suspensions
  • repairing gearboxes
  • service of brake system
  • service of pneumatic system

Replacement of tyres in trucks and semi-trailers, balancing.


Our company offers comprehensive tyre services. Depending on the type of tyre damage, we adapt a repair method or replace with a new one. At the client’s request, we perform regeneration of wheel rims by sanding and power painting and filling of wheels with nitrogen.


Service of air-conditioning systems in cars, trucks and delivery vehicles.

As a part of the air-conditioning service, we perform:

  • Draining coolant from the air-conditioning system
  • Cleaning the entire system
  • Checking the tightness of the system
  • Filling the system with coolant
  • Fumigation of the air-conditioning system
  • Ozonization of the air-conditioning system
  • Replacement of cabin (pollen) filters

We conduct service of air-conditioning systems using TEXA 710R R134a


Comprehensive overhauls of TIR trucks and semi-trailers. We carry out overhauls of vehicles and prepare them for sale with regards to:

  • sanding the truck frame
  • spray painting using dedicated colour
  • replacing the semi-trailer’s electric system
  • replacing any damaged elements
  • welding work on steel, aluminium
  • repairing suspension,
  • regeneration of wheel rims
  • polishing the TIR truck cabin
  • upholstery work
  • hygienisation of the cabin (washing, fumigation)

Quick and timely execution, and a guarantee of the Client’s satisfaction.

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