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Automotive transport

Our approach
The process of transportation in the automotive trade is performed based on strictly defined principles between the producer and the final customer for the finished product.
That is why production and transport in this field are extremely closely connected to each other.

One characteristic feature of the automotive transport is very high dynamics and a variety of transport orders. Hence the most important factors are competent logistic specialists adjusting their actions to a variable environment of transportation processes.

For years, our company have specialized in transportation in the automotive field. We know that the dynamics of the processes and quality requirements have been growing continuously, and we train our personnel and adapt ourselves to a high quality standard.

We take care of customer satisfaction by means of reliability and timeliness of any delivered orders and flexibility.

Our advantages
Ability to take action and work within the supply chain
Experience in directions such as Benelux, Great Britain
Strong competence in automotive services
Ferry services and long term contracts with ferry companies
Work under the Just In Time system
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