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New headquarters

Business development requires continuous investments and adaptation of the infrastructure to the needs of the organization.
Thanks to the EU funds and hard work of many people, we managed to create and put into operation modern office buildings and warehouses with high storage shelves. Thanks to the new space, we are even more flexible and versatile in logistics services.

New website

01Dynamically, from the beginning of 2017 we introduce a modern and convenient our website www.dedal.net.pl.
The site has been redesigned to facilitate quick access to all our services, but above all to save time of our contractors and anyone visiting us online.

Holidays and the end of 2016

The end of the year is the time to evaluate and summarize things and events that affect the organization and set the course for action and development. For us it is time we look back on what has been achieved and how it helps us build the future.
It is time to build your personal career strategy and deepen your internal resources. Like every year, the holiday season is a time for business gifts that emphasize mutual respect and partnership of cooperation.